MHz – Tomoscopy

is the new Horizon Europe project aimed to build the first multiprojection hard X-ray microscopy device with phenomenal sampling rate, capable to observe fast phenomena in 3D. We believe this will enable whole new field of opportunities for science and technology, by direct observation of dynamics – especially those objects which are opaque to other imaging modalities – up to now accessible only to theoretical simulations and speculations

MHz Tomoscopy

About project

Modern enabling technologies, such as additive manufacturing or cavitation peening used in the aerospace and automotive industries, suffer from a lack of diagnostic tools. To date, one cannot provide relevant volumetric information about the fast processes involved. The realization of this project will break the current limits in fast, 4D X-ray microscopy by three orders of magnitude. It will be possible to visualize and characterize dynamics reaching velocities up to ~km/s for the first time with micron-scale resolutions. Instead of sample rotation, we will generate multiple X-ray probes and virtually rotate them around the sample to obtain with a single exposure multiple angular views simultaneously. Using modern X-ray sources with very high brilliance, each such 3D frame may be sampled at kHz rates at synchrotrons and even MHz rates at X-ray free-electron laser sources.

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Our recent news


  • Students from University at EuXFEL

    Students from University at EuXFEL

    Students from University of Pavol Jozef Safarik participating at experiment at EuXFEL.

  • Shimadzu cameras arrived

    Shimadzu cameras arrived

    Last Thursday, Patrik Vagovic, along with technicians from Shimadzu Germany, conducted the unpacking and initial functionality tests of two Shimadzu cameras. These cameras were intended to be integrated into an experimental setup for MHz tomoscopy. The team successfully connected the cameras to the computer and proceeded to install the necessary software.

  • MHz Tomoscopy annual meeting

    MHz Tomoscopy annual meeting

    Slovakia, 20-22th June 2023

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