MHz Tomoscopy project at EuXFEL User Meeting 2023

Prof. Jiawei Mi from the University of Hull (UK) presented the results of his team’s measurements at the MHz microscopy setup (so far 2D) at EuXFEL Users Meeting 2023 as plenary lecture for more that 1100 participants. The presentation topic was “XFEL MHz Imaging Study of Ultrasonic Liquid Phase Exfoliation of 2D Materials”. Professor Mi highlighted that in-operando MHz imaging is a powerful technique to study graphite exfoliation dynamics in ultrasound liquid exfoliation processes. For the first time, the nucleation and evolution of cavitation bubbles, bubble clouds, the implosion, and the associated shock wave were revealed and quantified based on imaging and modelling, underscoring the usefulness of the new device for both scientific and industrial use.